Art is Effective

Say the word «art» and most people will think of world-changing figures like Leonardo Da Vinci and Andy Warhol. But the art of today is characterized more and more by its connection to everyday reality. The new point of view it offers is not an aesthetic one, but an intervention in the world itself, in society and the public space it occupies, and in the basic assumptions that govern our lives.


Art Is Disruptive

Imagine that you’re walking into a store and your steps switch on a water fountain, that the bench you're sitting on has grown branches, or that a cactus you're passing by begins to Hula-Hoop.


Art is Remembered

If you'd visited a hundred concerts in your life, but could remember only one, it's probably because something special happened that night. You see it. You react. And then you think about your reaction. These are the necessary conditions for memory.


Art Delivers the Message

Art that is unpredictable and original, that creates a kind of intervention in reality, in such a way that it is impossible to say where reality ends and artifice begins. The gap between the two has begun to vanish. And this puts the artist in a powerful position to leave an impression without the slogans and catch phrases of classical advertising.


Art Can Do What Advertising Only Dreams Of

Art is about creating situations that trigger our senses and involve ordinary people in a moving and meaningful experience. And this is the biggest difference between art and classical advertising. It's not about looking at a poster. It’s about a poster that looks back at you!